How to clean the house from mice

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How to clean the house from mice -How to get rid of mice. When before the arrival of autumn and the cold weather is a couple of months , the mice begin to prepare for ” resettlement ” to ” winter quarters .” In this regard, care should be taken to prepare for their “meeting” was held with dignity. Once the fields will not harvest gardens , these voracious rodents will leave for our homes . If the house mouse appeared , the owner certainly knows about it : this is a sign of presence in different areas of their excrement, nests built in the remote corners of the house , where they breed .

Because of the presence of mice deprived of food people suffer books and clothes in closets. As a ” family ” of rats , mice can spread dangerous and even fatal illness . Therefore , if you find in your house uninvited guests , then you will certainly start to wonder : how to clear them out of the house?

How to get rid of mice with mousetraps

Those who can not go for the kill mice can use mousetrap  . This trap is made in the form of a box with a door : if the mouse gets to the bait , the door will be closed automatically . On the role of bait suitable products such as :

Impregnated with vegetable ( unrefined ) oil bread

Raw bacon and lard


Cereal soaked unrefined vegetable oil

It was the smell of these products is of interest to them in mice , but not their taste. Mistaken who thinks one of the favorite treats mice is cheese. In their natural habitat these rodents have nowhere to cheese , it becomes food for them in the absence of other food . The ideal option would be foods that they normally eat . We are talking about beans and cereals. A piece of bread to have a stronger influence and better lure mice , it is recommended to drip oil. We should not forget that after the rodent was caught , it should take at least a kilometer away from your home and only there to produce . Otherwise, the mouse will not be difficult to come back to you again in the “guests .”

Catching mice using a mouse trap – “killer”

How To Set A Mouse Trap And Where To Put Mouse Traps Review

Those who are already tired of the excesses of mice and is not included in the number of members of Greenpeace , may resort to the old ” antiquated ” mousetrap on a spring. Compared with mousetraps , mousetrap – “killer” show a much greater efficiency . In addition, the catching mice with similar mousetrap leads to death of the rodent . On the role of lure is analogous products are suitable as in the case of – mousetraps .

How to effectively get rid of mice using a special glue traps

Among the existing methods to reduce the number of mice that have no equal in the simplicity of catching mice with glue . Here it is necessary to use a special glue traps. This effective tool able to not lose their properties in a tube for many years . Drying glue when storing it in the pan will not occur until such time as it does not penetrate the moisture or it is not covered with dust. For the manufacture of traps for mice , you can use the materials at hand . Necessary to squeeze a special glue , and then using an old toothbrush , cover them all square.

How to clean the house from mice

In the center of the tray should be placed a piece of fragrant bread. Finished trap must be placed near the mouse nest. Deciding to eat bread, hungry mice subsequently not be able to get out of the pan. If you take a pan larger area , then it will be possible to catch more rodents. Allowed the repeated use of the pallet , but will have to take off whenever mice.

Cat – the best professional in breeding mice

Among the known methods to solve the problem with mice , no equal in simplicity and efficiency use of cats . Charge of the work and it will not be long , as uninvited guests leave your home. It should be borne in mind that to achieve the best effect can be provided that will catch mice hungry cat . At the same time I want to give one important recommendation : it is desirable to start a house cat. Otherwise you’ll have to spring is not wrestle over how to bring mice and over , where to attach kittens. It is worth noting that this issue will become for you the relevance of at least two times a year.

Fighting mice with special poisons

Recently, stores began to offer a large number of household poisons to control rodents . It is noteworthy that with most of them can achieve good results in getting rid of rodents. If sprinkle poison in the amount given in the instructions ( usually referred to here about 3-5 oz.) Where there are mice , the small pests for a long time certainly will not cause you any trouble . Alas , however , this method has a serious drawback – the poison is able to create a threat to the health of children and pets. The solution here may be preparing the poison that will not have a negative impact on children and pets . To prepare homemade poison , you must take the following components:

Sugar – 5 pieces

Flour – part 3

Gypsum – part 2

These ingredients must be mixed , whereupon the resulting mass is placed , where the rodents can occur .

Know-how in dealing with mice – ultrasonic repellents

There are owners of mansions that never showed concern about mice. The fact that the protection of their homes from rodents provide ultrasonic repellents . A distinctive feature of these devices is the extreme humanity . The impact that they have on rodents, leads to the fact that mice and rats leave the territory within a radius of several kilometers from the place where the device is located . The basis of the repeller is radiation device vibrations in the ultrasonic range . These sounds are not able to perceive humans and pets . With regard to the mice and rats , they perfectly distinguish the data fluctuation . Rodent ultrasound is the strongest threat , due to which they have a strong desire to leave this place .

Thus , this method demonstrates the extreme humanity in relation to the animal, which is not the neighbors : it was their houses and apartments will be treated mice as a place where they can hide and find shelter . Ultrasonic repeller has several drawbacks . First of all, it should be noted the high cost – about three thousand. In addition to this effect will scare spread to domestic animals – a variety of fancy rats , hamsters and guinea pigs .

Professional help

In a situation where no methods do not help to get rid of mice , it makes sense to use the services of professionals. So that owners could breathe a sigh of relief and stop thinking about how to get the rodents , experts are turning to specialty chemicals that provide a 100% guarantee to get rid of mice and rats.

How to get rid of the smell of mice

When the result is achieved in the house, as a rule, there is still a characteristic smell mouse . Clear away the house is quite simple – it is placed in a room with your favorite sachet and pleasant aromas .

Folk prevention councils appearance mice

First of all you need to ensure that the premises did not remain food and its remnants , and in addition, and water. All this helps to create the conditions for “picnic” rodents.

You need to ensure that the walls were lined with a woodpile – it promotes the creation of hiding places where rodents to arrange for a safe haven .

Make sure that the perimeter of your home ownership grew mint. It is proved that this plant repels rodents.

If you find your mouse holes or openings shut access to them, plugged them with a cloth pre- soaking it in vinegar or ammonium chloride .

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