How to clean fuel injectors

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How to clean fuel injectors – Fuel injectors should be cleaned in the performance or emissions test is compromised. Be sure to read the manual of your vehicle and instructions on the fuel injector clean before you start .

materials Needed

Fuel injector cleaner

tools Required



1. Disconnect the fuel pump your car from the fuel injector . Read the operating instructions of the vehicle to learn how to do it . You must make sure that the fuel injectors have no effect gas before make cleaner fuels injector because it is highly flammable .

2 . Remove the gas cap on your vehicle. cleaner fuels injector cleans dirt and debris by explosion pressure to shoot the solvent in your fuel injectors . Opening the fuel tank can help to avoid an explosion.

3 . After the gas cap is removed , attach the fuel injector cleaner for injectors (as per instructions on the box) and start the engine .

4 . Run the engine until the cleaner runs , usually about 5 minutes .

5 . After completion of the removal of fuel injectors clean and reconnect the fuel pump.

6. Close the gas cap and start the engine again . Take the car for a test drive and make sure it runs smoothly and there are no abnormal noises from the fuel injectors.

7. If the vehicle is still not running smoothly , there can be blocked fuel injector . Take your car to a mechanic who can clean completely blocked fuel injectors with the process of purification of waste car.

how to clean your fuel injectors (correct way)

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