How to clean brass cases

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How to clean brass cases – Brass is one of those metals that have been in use for thousands of years . Its toughness and ductility of this alloy is made ​​easy to select the manufacturing of various products. One of the currently popular is the use in the manufacture of cartridges, particularly in those cases.

Some people have made it a hobby to collect the empty case and keep them as a prize or trophy. These cases should get rid of the carbon material to restore its brilliant golden color. Here are some recommended home brews for cleaning brass cases.

materials Needed

white vinegar
dishwashing liquid
hot water
phosphoric acid
baking soda
lemon juice
bottle or can
deep pan

How to clean your brass for reloading

Using Dish Soap and phosphoric acid

Put in bottles or cases can tough .
Pour hot water and add some dish washing soap.
Shake the container with chores inside.
Leave it on for a while. Shake occasionally.
Rinse with hot water .
Add more hot water .
Add the phosphoric acid, about one-half teaspoon per gallon of water .
Swirl the contents together with a brass case .
Neutralize the acid when finished. Pour into baking soda until it stops fizzing .
Rinse with hot water and set aside to dry.

Use lemon juice and a glass

Place the glass in a brass case .
Add to each syringe of liquid soap and lemon juice.
Pour into water sufficient to cover cases of brass .
Tumble from about 15 to 20 minutes.
Rinse with water. Allow to dry overnight.

Use white vinegar

Stand brass cases in a deep flat pan .
Pour white vinegar to the brass cases are completely covered .
Write to stand for about an hour .
Pour vinegar, and save it for use.
Rinse with clean water several times.
Place in a low temperature oven to dry , or turn them upside down on a towel to drain and dry.

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