Choosing the right computer

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Choosing the right computer

Buying a computer is not a common purchase act. Indeed, this high-tech instrument has specific characteristics , the meaning often escapes most buyers not familiar with computer technology. Today, there are different models on the market with various features and configurations.

To facilitate the choice of model for every new buyer , we must first identify carefully the needs of it and its expectations regarding the capabilities of the computer. Indeed , the choice of a computer will be different for those who want only surf the internet or for those who wish to carry a large part of video games.

Technology striding , computer models are becoming more numerous. The computer industry built every month ever more powerful and complex computers. Therefore , no one can be sure to buy a computer that can withstand time and daily technological prowess in the field of computing. However, some basic concepts are common to all computers , guiding the choice of every customer in purchasing a high-performance computer and durable.

Desktop or laptop?

This is the first question to ask when buying a computer. Again, the choice depends on the main destination we want to give him. A laptop is suitable for people whose movements are numerous and frequent , and anyone wishing to have at its disposal the computer regardless of where it is ( in the room, the living room, the office, the garden … ) .

The laptop is often very expensive and it is more powerful and sophisticated, the more it costs . The computer, meanwhile, generally has the performance advantage compared to a laptop purchased for the same price . In addition, it is much stronger and therefore last longer. In addition, the repair of a desktop computer is easier in case of failure and updated by the purchase of new components is much easier with a laptop.

Choosing the right computer

New technologies allow more this updating and laptops once obsolete are no longer systematically good for flea market or the trash. The main disadvantage of the desktop however, is the high energy consumption , compared to the laptop that saves him .

Hardware and operating system

The choice of the configuration of the computer, whether a desktop or a laptop is an essential step. For those who have chosen to buy a desktop , they will either opt for computers manufactured by reputed brands or opt for assembled from components of different brands computers.

Buying computer brand has the advantage of providing quality machines , as companies that produce generally have a high profile and are thus subject to strict manufacturing standards . However, it is sometimes difficult to make repairs and changes or additions of components on these types of computers, because you always find the original parts , which is not always obvious.

The computers are assembled against much more customizable ( according to its requirements ) and are easier to repair because they adapt to many components . In addition, the improved performance of these computers is much more convenient because the elements constituting the computer are less rare . Once the choice between a laptop and a desktop assembled or branded set must then define the desired configuration of the computer.

For use focused on office , a computer with a minimum configuration cheap processor is enough , no need either a lot of RAM and 1GB widely enough ( it is mostly to run the operating system correctly the computer because today , they tend to consume more and more RAM especially with the new Microsoft Vista range ) .

It is also merely a graphics card unpretentious . Moreover , the one that is already built into the motherboard is ideal instead of a separate graphics card. We also choose a hard drive between 120 and 160 GB, and a CD and DVD burner . The same goes for the LAN , WiFi or modem to connect to the internet .

If you intend to use the computer for multimedia applications like watching TV on your computer or do photo montages , you need at least a dual-core processor or Core 2 which will cost a little expensive. RAM must represent at least 2 GB ( some motherboards can support more than 2 GB of RAM). Also opt for a hard disk with a capacity of at least 200GB and a separate , especially for games that require high graphics capability graphics card.

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