How to choose a microwave oven

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How to choose a microwave oven

Today, manufacturers of kitchen appliances offer the consumer a wide range of products so that the right choice is not easy. For example, not everyone knows how to choose a microwave oven. It is important to take into account a number of nuances and not always the most expensive and modern microwave oven would be the best option . Before you choose a microwave oven , it is necessary to define the objectives of its use and the expectations placed upon the device .

What should be the microwave ?

So , the key features of microwave ovens is the chamber volume , capacity, availability of options and the type of management. It is worth noting that the products from manufacturers from around the world usually costs much more more modest , though not inferior in quality copies. Statistics show that 90 % of consumers make choices , relying on name-brand device , rather than its technical specifications , recommendations or reviews from other seller .

A good microwave oven must be ergonomic and take up little space , easy to use , roomy as far as is required for a particular family , as well as a safe and functional . It is desirable that the product is consistent with the aesthetic requirements and fits perfectly into the kitchen interior design execution. Of course, to make such a purchase makes sense only in a special store that is required to provide a check of the warranty period of not less than one year .

What to look for when buying?

In this issue you can always seek the advice of an appliance store manager , however, is always better to understand how to choose a microwave oven. First of all, once it is necessary to decide for what purpose the device is purchased. If you plan to use it only for quick defrosting or heating of semi- finished food , there is no sense in paying for the grill , and other advanced options .

Secondly, it is advisable to correlate the volume of the chamber with the number of family members. So, if we are talking about a big , big family or the one where they often have guests and friends, it is most reasonable to stop the choice on a roomy chamber with a volume of 40 liters. In turn, the humble microwave with a camera on 13-15 liters will be practical product for one or two people.

How to choose a microwave oven

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the power equipment products and its additional options . Since the model is very popular today with a grill and forced air circulation , which may well replace the traditional stove and ovens . At the same time, is not wise to buy such a thing in the office or to the country . On top of that , it is better to give preference to models with a simple and intuitive control, which is especially important when using it to children and the elderly .

Review of the best models of microwave ovens

To know exactly how to choose a microwave oven , it is not superfluous to examine the best examples of these products from leading manufacturers to evaluate all the pros and cons , and going to the store already know exactly what to buy.

Sales leader for today is the production of Samsung, where the range is represented by simple and combination microwave ovens. So , is the most successful model ME712BR, which combines great affordable cost , on average accommodating chamber 20 liters and traditional management , coupled with the ease of decontamination .

The best example is the low-cost oven LG MS-1920U. It should be noted that it is simply ideal for those looking for a microwave oven only for fast heating of prepared food is not going to cook in her culinary masterpieces. For complex and multi- copies , one of those is a model SUPRA MWS- 8200 , equipped with a grill and convection, which is able to completely replace the standard kitchen stove . These and other factors are important to consider making a purchase, so as to choose a microwave that lasts a long time and lived up to expectations – no easy task .

Only by knowing how to choose the microwave, you can make a really useful purchase and use it with pleasure. Unreasonable costs for functions that are unlikely to use it, as well as an unreasonable amount of savings and the capacity of the furnace – the most common mistakes made by ordinary buyers of household appliances.

On top of that , the product of an unknown manufacturer of dubious quality purchased without a warranty card , hardly last a long time and will be safe and comfortable.

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