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Best fence for garden – A few years ago the fence in suburban areas is quite rare , but now almost every cottager has fence . Erected it for different purposes, for decoration of the territory, its protection against attacks animals or simply indicate the boundaries of the site. Therefore, the material used for sampling different: from the traditional – wood and metal finishing and concrete. The appearance of these structures is also different . Some erected around the perimeter of the high tight guard , is not overcome without any additional elements. Other symbolically shield territory mesh netting .

People who decide that their task will not place for labor and for rest prefer to decorative fences. They fit perfectly into the landscape design. Here , of course, no protective functions can not speak, it’s just a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be used for growing climbing plants.
But if dacha cooperative is in close proximity to the city limits , then the construction of the fence should be approached responsibly . Take, for example , a metal fence . This is a great option for small areas , as it does not create unnecessary shadows and at the same time is a reliable protection for the site. Fence made ​​of corrugated board – is hot dip galvanized steel sheets processed through and colored powder method . All stages of processing the material ensure durability of its service. Not have to make any additional measures to care for the fence.

How to build a simple garden fence

Many species also have wooden fences . By placing different material can be obtained and various fences . You can make a deaf high fence , fence can be rare , but can and do come up with your own original way of stacking thin strips . Tree , which is sold in shops and markets , as a rule, has already passed the initial training . During the construction must comply with certain rules , and then the fence will be pleasing to the eye for many years.
Fence – an essential element of each site , and you give him as much attention as the rest of the buildings.

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