Beginning in the Forex market for beginners

Beginning in the Forex market for beginners In the category financial market Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Beginning in the Forex market for beginners.

Beginning in the Forex market for beginners

Often ask who wants to start in the global currency market (Forex market) on how to start, and the proper way to start on this market, therefore I wrote this topic in order to facilitate them, and guide them to the beginning of the road in the Forex market
This topic presents the steps and some tips for anyone who wants to start in this market, and I hope to God that this benefit and the benefit of our new
I wish everyone and especially from his experience in this market only deprives us of additions and complete any lack in this topic

First: here are some general tips on Forex market:

1. Forex market you need to effortlessly and a great time to learn and practice and practice and to follow the market, and especially at the beginning

2. can achieve large profits in the Forex market is difficult to achieve in any other field if the rules of the market and mastered to deal with him, but at the same time by many risks if they do not abide by the rules of the market and do not know how well and not decompose manage your well, it could lead to the loss of

3. advantages of the Forex market: possibility to practice demo account (imaginary Demo) and is similar to account real account trading is done on the same actual prices to the market, but that the balance of this account is the balance of imaginary, his goal is just to practice on the market and use the trading platform and workout ways of trading on the market, and see if you fit for real account trading in the market or not

Why technical analysis is important

4. Forex market also features the possibility to open an account with just $ 250, so that anyone can enter this market, and why there is such a possibility is that the market is trading on margin trading, which allows you to fold the capital deposited, this small account that did not achieve significant profits is stage of training to work on real accounts

5. advantages of this market also offers double and that lets you trade over capital dozens of times while maintaining full profit or loss full sustainability, leverage in some trading companies to 1: 400 times

6-Forex market to need patience during the period of education and training, demo, and applying what I learned on software chart (graph), and the application of methods of analysis based on trading demo account, and preferably not less the practice demo account for six months, does not start with a real account before profit demo

7. must be your real account with a global company known, good services, and does not cost you much about opening and closing contracts (this point will be explained in detail later in this topic)

8. an important role of psychological factor for success in this market, fear and greed are rolling, enemy to fear may prevent traders from entering into a transaction for fear of loss, and closes deals before they reach the target, or it does not comply with the stop-loss order, hoping to make a profit, but greed might make stores market enters many deals for big profits in a short time, which makes it vulnerable to losses

9. capital management the importance of very large, capital management abuse may lead to significant losses, as good governance to ensure capital preservation and persistence of profits, the two uses the same strategy and introduces both the same deals, but one winner and one loser, and the reason is that the winner has a good strategy for capital management, the other knows nothing about capital management

10. must be your goal at first is to learn and apply what you learn, and try to reach a good way, and apply to demo before the beginning of a real account, and when you begin trading on real account make your goal is to achieve a reasonable profit, and maintain these profits, not to double account, and then with increasing experience with the market to increase your profits
Beginning in the Forex market for beginners

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