baseboard heating system

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baseboard heating system – In humid areas where heating is weak or non-existent , you can install baseboard heating , installation of which will take 2-3 hours .

Baseboard heater is designed for full heating facilities such as:

Cold , damp apartment
Solid glass room where high ceilings , such as conservatory
In wooden cottages
In the premises : restaurants , sports complexes , commercial and industrial premises

You can also install baseboard heater in the pool or head of the bed in the nursery .

Warm plinth – a system of direct heat radiation. This method transfers the heat is not through the air, and there is a direct wave . Wave energy heat settles on a piece of furniture or a person. In this transmission heat losses are minimal as the system works without a mediator .

What are baseboard heating ?

Plastic panel height of 140 mm. by the installation of the heating strip form , which is positioned above the skirting board or installed instead . Beam heat spreading on the floor , warming him , the heat flux rises and creates a heat curtain . Warm plinth effective way to deal with dampness and mold walls, mount it recommended in damp corners where there is a fungus.

Installing baseboard heating

Installation is carried out according to plan and is set in the range of 1 to 2 stop

This gap is to avoid overheating and to create a convention.

The first step is marking thread in the level at 1 cm from the floor . Markings must be accurate , as on it and will be mounting. Next apply the base unit to the wall and mark the drill hole locations . After the holes are ready , attach the module to the plastic plugs . All other elements are attached also adhering level . When installed baseboard , conducted pre-formed modules , installation and grounding jumpers .

baseboard heating system

After the installation is made , everything is closed lids , and put a stub.

Thermostat should be installed near the socket and away from drafts . Thermostat is placed opposite the panel at 2 meters.

Cable installation must be carried out according to the plan in compliance with all sections. Conducted in parallel connection , and all the control cables are connected to one side of the room . To hide the cable in the wall, the wall should  if the cable is attached on the outside decorative box .

When connecting wires carefully examine the wiring , which is available in the passport thermostat.

Best of all, if the installation of the heating baseboards will be conducted by a qualified electrician .

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