Balcony arrangement for maximum comfort

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There is nothing unusual in wanting to turn your balcony into a more comfortable room. Apartment owners constantly strive to use all the facilities available to them. They erect a roof, insulate balconies and install glazing.

Rather complicated and laborious operation is the construction of the roof, which requires special skills and knowledge. But for the owners of apartments on the last floors whose visor is absent-this is the only opportunity to get additional meters of usable space and create a secluded corner.
From metal structures or wooden beams it is possible to make a skeleton for construction of the future roofing. But before proceeding to construction work, it is necessary to develop a project of a roof of a balcony taking into account wind and snow loading plus weight of a design.

Balcony arrangement for maximum comfort

In order to withstand the whole structure considering the future insulation and glazing systems, the balcony plate and parapet should be of sufficient durability. The load on the fence will decrease somewhat, as the skeleton to the bearing wall is fastened with anchor bolts. The roof of the balcony is made mono pitch, in which one of the sides will be fastened to the wall, and the second slightly stands for the edge of the transverse beam.

The slope of the angle will depend on the free flow of snow and rain water, so it should not exceed 700, but also not be less than 150. Triangular openings on the sides, which were formed as a result of the installation works, can be cut with plastic or make also lateral ramps.

Roofing material can be used different types of shingles, polycarbonate, slate, profiled sheeting or onduline. Building a roof of a balcony, about a drain even there can not be a speech. Atmospheric moisture will drain due to the created inclination. But the whole system works only when the roof is designed and built for a multi-apartment with a small balcony at home.

For balconies in country houses, similar more on a veranda, to avoid damage of a façade and a plinth it is necessary to construct a drain. On the mounted gutters, rainwater flows in an orderly way to the outer drains and is relegated away from the foundation. Current drainage systems are perfectly combined with the overall composition of the country house without affecting its design.

During the selection of the gutter design is necessary to pay attention to the material used for the construction of the roof of the balcony. As for roofing with the use of metal is installed galvanized drainage system with two-sided coating of polymer, which ensures the resistance of the roof to corrosion and its durability. What about the roof soft elastic materials, it is better to use the system of plastic.

And be sure, before you get started, consult a specialist, because he will see what you may not have noticed. It is also important to observe the safety technique when working with the power tool at height.

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