How to assemble a spiral staircase at home

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How to assemble a spiral staircase at home  – Despite its original structure , such a staircase is a supplement march . Next, we will look at its features . What is a spiral staircase ? Typically, this stage , the central rack and handrails . The spiral staircase is created like this: stage set for the central rack and placed in a circle, and their width gradually increases from one end to another . This design has an attachment to the lower deck and the upper end of the overlap . Due to this , there is no need for the retaining wall .

If we compare the size of direct and spiral staircase , the latter – much smaller in footprint. However, if you lengthen the step , it will increase. During the development of the spiral staircase , you must consider the following nuances. Rise more convenient flight of stairs in the middle . Naturally, the next should be a railing , which could rely on . It follows that the steps still have finite dimensions . With all the convenience of a spiral staircase has its disadvantages . This, above all , a small width tread the line of promotion.

There are different types of structures for these stairs, and, therefore, no single method of fastening her steps. In a spiral staircase can be the basis , as the string – it support boards that are on the sides of the stairs. In this case, the curved shape of the string and are made of wood pieces glued together . As an option , a spiral staircase can be made at all without the support boards. At this winder step structure attached to each other and to the handrail , and those directly been attached to the railing uprights .

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However , a common type of ladder is still the one where there is a central leg. She serves as a carrier basis in the structure of the spiral staircase . Typically, the strut is made ​​of a strong metal sound tube. The variant of the location of the spiral staircase and outside the building . In this case it may be made of materials such as marble, tiles and so on. If we talk about the steps of a spiral staircase , which is located inside the house , then, as a rule, they are made of strong wood (such as maple, beech or oak). Their thickness is about forty to fifty millimeters.

Assembly instructions wrought iron spiral staircase

As for the ladder assembly , it is as follows . First comes the installation steps. What follows is unfolding at the front ( like a fan ) and they fall into place in a spiral. The next step – fixing brackets. And in the end – guardrails and handrails of a spiral staircase .

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