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We have previously said how to properly connect a storage water heater and a flow heater to the water. But it's not just heaters that require their connection to the water system. Often in the bathroom installed and such an indispensable assistant as a washing machine.
How to install a washing machine water supply In the category LG Washing Machine Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail in regards to How to install a washing machine water supply.
We have previously said how to properly connect a storage water heater and a flow heater to the water. But it's not just heaters that require their connection to the water system. Often in the bathroom installed and such an indispensable assistant as a washing machine.

And if we have already considered connecting the washing machine to electricity, in this article We would like to talk about how to connect the washing machine to the water pipe yourself, without resorting to the services of plumbing.
So, let's see how to make the connection of water to the washing machine, so that it helps you with the household for many years, working without interruptions and leaks

The first step is to determine where the installation is. Depending on this, you will need to pick up the length of the connecting hoses, as well as the place of insertion into the internal plumbing system of your apartment.

You also need to decide in advance how to connect the machine to the sewer and the electrical grid.

Well, if for washing you do not have to pull the electric extension cord into the next room, and the connection to the water and sewers do not form on the floor incomprehensible confusion of hoses, constantly interfering underfoot and spoiling the look of your bathroom.

Often when unloading/loading laundry some small items (towels, napkins, underwear items) can fall, so you should be provided with access to the car from different sides, so that the towel or any other object you can fall for it can be to get out without moving sanitary appliances or furniture.

Most often washing machines are installed in the bathroom or kitchen under the sink, between the sink and the bathroom, next to the bathroom, behind the nearest wall in the kitchen.

Preparing to connect the machine

Once you have decided on the place where the washing machine will be installed, you need to calculate how long you will need connecting hoses and determine the necessary fittings and number of fittings.

Determine the length of hoses to connect the machine should be taking into account that they should be removed for furniture, under the bath, behind the toilet - that is, laid hidden so that they do not have to stumble every day afterwards.

If the lengths of the hoses complete with the machine are not enough, do not save, buy special extension cords with a reserve of length, it will greatly facilitate their laying in the future.

You will need a ball tap or valve to connect the washing machine to the water supply. If you can not decide which shutdown authority is best to choose in your situation, you can draw a pencil on a piece of paper scheme of piping in the bathroom and with this scheme go to any nearest hardware store, to consult with experts. At the same time, do not forget on the scheme to put all the diameters to know what cranes and fittings you will need.

As a rule, the connection to the water is done on a straight section of the pipe with the installation of the tee or use the process of the pipe, which is connected to a flexible liner from the toilet bowl. In some cases, it may be more convenient to make a connection at the place of installation of the faucet (on the liner to it cold water).

If it is not possible to connect to the process of the pipe to connect the eyeliner to the toilet bowl, nor to the mixer, you can use another way - to make a connection with a special inset homu. In this case, you will have to purchase this clamp before connecting.

To connect to the steel pipeline you will need garlic flax, gas keys, wrenches.
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